January 2022 Soda Creek Speak
Posted on Feb 12th, 2022

Soda Creek Board
It is the start of the new year! Soda Creek has two new Board members: Julie Ann Courim and Adam Heitzman. Steve Brummer and Dustin Castro have retired and the Board thanks them very much for their service to Soda Creek. New officers of the Board are: President, Tandy Jones; Vice President, Anne Hardt; Secretary, Julie Ann Courim; Treasurer, Adam Heitzman; Sargent-at-Arms, Erik Foster.
ACC Commitee
Soda Creek has three new ACC members: Nicole Reyes, Kory Kozar and Greg Turner. They join Rob Hoar and Nadia Marcovchick on the committee. Welcome and thank you very much for volunteering! Alex Rose and Clayton Chessman recently retired from the committee. Their work is very much appreciated. Thank you!

Security Committee Reminder 
Evergreen Security is to be called if there are problems at the pond. All other issues like suspicious vehicles or theft should be referred to the Jefferson County Sheriff.
Declaration of Covenants & ACC Guidelines 
Our Governing Documents are being updated by the Board and its committees. Drafts of those documents will be sent to property owners for review and discussion at a community meeting in the Spring. Approval of the Declaration of Covenants will require a 2/3 vote of property owners which will take place in the spring.
Look for a newly designed Soda Creek Website coming soon. Thank you Julie Ann Courim!
Happy 2022!
The Board
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