ACC Requests

We LOVE to see the changes our residents make!

To protect your investment in your home, let us help you maintain compliance with zoning and ordinance regulations.
The ACC is responsible for reviewing and approving all improvements, construction or other submissions as required by the Declaration of Covenants and the ACC Rules and Regulations.  
Our goals simply put are to: 
  • Preserve and enhance the beauty of the land through responsible development.
  • Allow owners to enjoy their properties fully while respecting the neighbors.
  • Preserve our water resources and comply with our state-monitored water plan.
  • Apply the ACC Rules and Regulations with consistency
The easiest way to know if an improvement requires approval is to ask yourself, “Is it a change to my land or the outside of my home or accessory structures?” If the answer is yes, it likely requires application to the ACC.
Timeline for Approvals
Allow 30 days to receive approval of a project after all required information is received by the ACC before starting any construction.
What Kinds of Projects Require ACC Approval
All plans for exterior improvements and/or revisions to properties must be submitted to the ACC for review and approval before starting work. Such improvements include, but are not limited to:
  • New home construction, addition of outbuildings such as barns, garages or sheds;
  • Any change to the exterior of the residence or other structures including painting, roofing, decks or patios, exterior lighting;
  • Additions to the land including new driveway location, retaining walls, fencing, extensive changes to landscaping or grading; and,                 
  • Addition of a guest space or “mother-in-law” apartment.  Contact Alisa Nixon if you are adding a guest space with a kitchen as that may violate the state-monitored Water Augmentation Plan and/or Soda Creek Declaration of Covenants.  Otherwise, internal changes do not require ACC approval.
Before making any changes to the exterior of your home, review the ACC Rules and Regulations.
If approval is needed for a project, please use the form listed on the right side of the page and email it to Angela Christensen ( 
The ACC is available to answer questions and clarify guidelines throughout your project. 

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