Soda Creek Pond

Sunset View
The Soda Creek Property Owners Pond is a wonderful spot for home owners to enjoy the summer weather in Colorado.  Below is some important information regarding the pond:
  • The pond is for Soda Creek Residents and their guests only.
  • The pond is open from Dawn to Dusk.
  • No fires, Fireworks or Smoking is allowed at anytime.
  • Fishing is allowed but is Catch and Release only. Children under the age of 8 may remove fish.
  • Adult supervision is required for anyone under 13.
  • NO motorized water crafts allowed at anytime.
For any problems at the pond, please call Evergreen Security 303.674.2288 or Jeffco Sheriff 303.277.0211.  For emergencies please call 911.

If you wish to submit an online complaint or recommendation please visit Soda Creek Contact Page