Soda Creek Pond

Sunset View
The Soda Creek Property Owners Pond is a wonderful spot for home owners to enjoy the summer weather in Colorado.  Below is some important information regarding the pond.
  • The pond is for Soda Creek Residents only.
  • The pond is open from Dusk to Dawn.
  • No fires, Fireworks or Smoking is allowed at anytime.
  • Fishing is allowed but is Catch and Release only.
  • Adult supervision is required for anyone under 13.
  • NO motorized water craft allowed at anytime.
  • Photo ID is required and may be requested by Evergreen Security or Jeffco County Sheriff.
  • For any problems at the pond, please call Evergreen Security 303.674.2288 or Jeffco Sheriff 303.277.0211.  For emergencies please call 911.
  • If you wish to submit an online complaint or recomendation please visit Soda Creek Contact Page