Board of Directors

The Soda Creek Property Owners Association is a non-profit organization that is required to have a governing body to oversee its business.  The 5-member volunteer Board of Directors is elected by the homeowners, or as otherwise specified in the bylaws.  The board makes financial planning decisions throughout the year, provides communication to their members, holds monthly board and annual membership meetings, plans community events, and much more. 
Monthly Board Meetings
Soda Creek holds monthly board meetings open to all our POA members. Generally held on the third Tuesday of every month at 9:30AM MST, our meetings are virtual and the date and time may be subject to change. If you would like to attend, please click here for the board meeting request.
Annual Membership Meeting
Soda Creek Property Owner's Association holds its required annual membership meeting in the month of December.  Open to all our HOA members, this meeting includes the budget hearing, wrap up of board business and committee activities, and applicable board elections.