Security Committee

The Security Committee was formed in 2021 to help maintain the safety of our neighborhood blocks, common areas, and entire community environment through education, communication, and the use of community resources. They are dedicated to the enforcement of laws and community covenants for the benefit and safety of all residents.
General Committee Responsibilities
  • Members will uphold and enforce the Governing Documents:  Bylaws, Declaration of Covenants and the Architectural Control Committee Rules and Regulations.
  • Members meet monthly and/or on an “as needed” basis, in person or via video conferencing. 
  • Members who miss three meetings in succession without valid reasons may be asked to resign from the committee.
  • The chairperson will be the primary contact with the management company, the Board of Directors and the property owners.
  • The chairperson will report to the Board at the Directors at their monthly meeting in person or will email a report regarding the activities of the committee for month, or tell the management company contact that there will be no report.
For more information about the security committee, email