Fire Mitigation Team

In 2018, the Fire Mitigation Team was formed to help prepare our community to adapt to living with Wildland fire and encourage neighbors to jointly collaborate in a community- wide efforts to prevent the loss of life and property due to a fire threat. 
Working together with Evergreen Fire Rescue, the State Forest Service and other professional fire consultants, we completed our Community Wildfire Protection Individual Plan (CWPIP) specifically for the Soda Creek area. 
This plan is a roadmap that:
  • Evaluates local wildfire risk conditions.
  • Sets wildfire preparedness goals and defines high-priority fuel mitigation projects.
  • Develops mitigation or protection plans to address those risks.
Our team's ongoing priorities are to:
  • Educate homeowners to be "wildfire ready" in regard to the creation of defensible space and home hardening, and general emergency preparedness. 
  • Communicate important project and resource information, both in and outside of our community including upcoming events and grant monies available for homeowners.
  • Schedule and manage community work projects.
  • Work with other community plan units to apply for all appropriate grants.
  • Apply and receive Wildfire Adapted Community status for home insurance ratings.
For more information about our Community's Wildfire Plans, click on the following links: